Sunday, March 11, 2007

Blood Ties on LifetimeTV

I just watched "Blood Ties" on LifetimeTV. OMG! This was fan-friggin-tastic! It's based on the books by Tanya Huff, whose early books appear to now be offered in omnibus editions. It's been YEARS since I read them but I did think they were pretty good. Could have used some sex scenes or expanded on the implied bisexuality of the vamp, though. But since it's on TV now, maybe they will spice it up.

Vicki is an ex-cop. She resigned and started her own P.I. business when her degenerative eye disease would have left her on permanent desk duty. Her ex-partner, Mike, is carrying a torch for her. Henry is Henry VIII's son, a vamp, and a graphic novel writer (a Romance writer in the books). They team up to stop demon murders in tonight's episode. I'm leaving it there because this is an ongoing series and I'm not really sure what they will include. It looks like the kinda/sorta love triangle with Mike/Vicki/Henry is going to be an ongoing plot along with the paranormal stories.

I don't truly remember many details about these particular books. But the best way to describe this TV show is to say it is like seeing a really good book come to life!!

BRAVA, LifetimeTV, BRAVA!!

Now I've just got to figure out a system to make sure I have my butt in front of a TV next Sunday night. I watch so very little TV that it's easy to forget.

ADDED: I just saw that the Sunday episodes repeat at 12AM Monday. So wait... that means it re-airs an hour after it's over, right? That DOESN'T mean it's shown the NEXT night, right? Damn, I better go to bed because that is just way more confusing than it probably should be.

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