Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Susan Krinard, Lord of the Beasts

Lord of the Beasts by Susan Krinard

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UGH! This book is 459 pages long. I DID finish it because I kept hoping it would get better. I couldn't believe how bad it was and really hoped that by the end SK would have pulled a miracle out of her pen. SOOOO didn't happen! This is a historical/paranormal/faery/romance. I had high hopes for it, but not one of those genres succeeded. The characters ranged from two dimensional (barely) down to one-dimensional. The conversations offered nothing of interest- and I'm including each character's internal conversations with themselves in that! There was no apparent chemistry between the lead characters, yet we are supposed to believe an instant, unforgettable attraction. Events seemed to happen haphazardly. I'm not sure how detailed I need to get, but PLEASE trust me that this has to be one of the worst books I've EVER read and what makes it truly even more unbearable is that it was written by a well-known, established writer and the premise SHOULD HAVE WORKED!

I honestly feel guilty for trashing this stinker because my usual attitude is that, no matter how bad it is, it's still better than anything I could ever write- I believe I was born without the creative writing gene! So for me to have this amount of criticism for a book is VERY unusual and rare. If this was a first time author, I would probably say that they aren't going to be around long. But it's even worse that it's someone like Susan Krinard. She's doesn't usually incite booklust in me- I'd say she's in the 2nd or 3rd tier of my TBR pile- but this story and these characters should have been so much better in her experienced hands!

This is actually a sequel to "Lord of the Forest", but I didn't read that one and I assure you I never will. I'm not even going to link to either of them because I hope that everyone will stay away.

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