Thursday, March 15, 2007

Good News/Bad News

WOO-fuckin'-HOO!!!! My HP TX1000 (convertible laptop) has shipped... FINALLY!! (see previous Bonbons for the techno-hell stories behind this purchase)
It was supposed to ship on 3/13 so I called them last night to find out why it hadn't. It turns out they were short on some part that was needed but I was told it would ship within the next two business days. They then said that they were now offering a free all-in-one printer with it- they charge you then you send a rebate in for the full amount. They also credited the shipping fees for it. Then the call center tech (Yes, another one from India AND he said he had a cold! ACK!!!) emailed me all the links I would need for the rebate AND he emailed me a $50 coupon to be used in the HP online store!! It seems HP just may appreciate and value their customers afterall!!! Thanks HP!
Bad news? When I went to the Fed-Ex site to track it, it shows it was shipped from China at 12:01 and did not make today's Fed-Ex deadline. DAMN! So, I'm assuming my 2nd day shipping means 2nd business day and I won't get the shipment until Tuesday instead of Monday (originally Thursday of THIS week). AAARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

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