Saturday, March 3, 2007

What a Hoot!

♥A quick thanks to The Book Bitches for posting a link to The Glass Giant's Romance Cover Maker. How fun is that??!! I wish I could have come up with a funnier title or tag line, but until I do, I think this one's a hoot!! I've never used programs like Photoshop, so this kind of stuff is still entertaining to me, even though it dropped a few pixels and I'm looking a bit cross-eyed while Joe looks a little wild eyed..

♥Since we're talking about covers, I just remembered something I bookmarked quite awhile ago. I think I originally got the link from The Smart Bitches. Longmire Does Romance Covers. My favorite? "For the Love of Scotty McMullett" *snicker* Don't miss the link for the ones people sent in to him.

The Good, The Bad, and The Unread just added another one to my evergrowing shopping list of books. I didn't know Delilah Devlin was releasing through Avon Red. I've read quite a few of her ebooks and they were all pretty good. Damn, I've really got to find time for a bookstore run. At least, by keeping my "Constant Craving" list updated, all I have to do is print it out and take it with me. I won't be wasting time compiling it or looking for books that aren't out yet. Of course, once my new PC gets here, I can start buying ebooks again. Then my TBP and TBR lists REALLY get out of control! Actually my TBR stack is enormous but I've only included in "Soon to be Savored" the ones I've bought since starting this blog.

♥Now that my PC's sound is miraculously and mysteriously working again, I finally wandered over to Romance Novel TV to watch Part 1 of the Rebecca York/Ruth Glick interview. Click on the "Author Interview M-Z" tab. Interviews with Christine Feehan and J.R. Ward are listed as coming soon. Over on the forums, it's been confirmed that MaryJanice Davidson will be interviewed.

♥Over at Emily Veinglory's EREC site, she's got a poll up to vote for The Best Erotic Romance ePublisher.

♥The Smart Bitches found a hilarious video. As Spinsterwitch commented, “This was so gay, it needs it’s own Pride Parade.” Just be warned, though, that this one will leave you with the mother of all earworms. Hmmm... with chocolate featured so prominently in it, maybe I should maintain a permanent link to that video.

♥Speaking of butts...



*wanders off singing under her breath… What What In the Butt...
*ACK!! Get… Out… Of… My… Head!

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