Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Fourth of July Fondue

♥ Yesterday, I popped over to Madelynne Ellis' blog to see how she's coming along with the sequel to A Gentleman's Wager (ignore that cover, I love Black Lace, but those covers seldom have anything to do with the books). Well, I let out a total fangirl squee when I saw that she was listening to the downloadable audio of that book! Listen, this book has a permanent place on my "Crème Brûlée - My All-Time Moan-Out-Loud Favorites (A+)" list and EVERY SINGLE PERSON that I've recommended it to has placed it on THEIR all time favorite historicals list. Historical, M/M, M/M/F, M/F/M, and Vaughan is one of the most delicious, complex characters I've ever read! I'll get into more detail when I comment on the audio book that is already on my Constant Cravings list- even though I've read the book multiple times. I remember about a month or so ago, the Smart Bitches asked about our favorite Romances, and out of thousands of possible answers, this non-mainstream Black Lace book was mentioned by at least five of us. It's that freakin' good!

As of right now, the sequel, Phantasmagoria, should be available next March in the UK. No word yet on when we'll get it here in the USA though. I'm torn between wanting to know what Vaughan and the gang are up to now, and being afraid that a sequel could never live up to the original. I think Madelynne is cognizant of that dilemma because she's taking her time and trying to get the story just right.

♥ And it just gets better- in addition to A Gentleman's Wager, it appears that Black Lace Publishing is releasing some of their other books in audio format through Virgin Books Limited (downloadable through Needless to say, earphones are recommended when listening to any of these. I can't wait to hear some "Pony Girl" scenes delivered in a veddy proper British accent! And waz up with that "Pony Girl" shit, anyway? As many Black Lace books as I've read, I'm STILL scratching my head over that particular kink. *shrugs*

♥ I hope all my fellow Americans are having an enjoyable Fourth of July! We went to Mosquito Lake (yes, that IS it's name) to see fireworks last night. We were near a young family with little kids and I got such a bittersweet kick listening to their little toddlers squeeing about the fireworks! I remember feeling the same way and I also remember MY kids when they were little. *sniffle*

Then this morning, we went to see the parade our township gives us every year. Veterans carrying our Flag, firetrucks, a few troops from our local Air Base, firetrucks, marching bands, firetrucks, dance troupes, firetrucks, kilted bagpipers (how come none of them looked like Nathan Kamp, or the William Lawson's guy or Angus Hungwell?!), firetrucks, a few floats, firetrucks, boy scouts/girl scouts, firetrucks, politicians, and lots of candy throwing to the kids. No horsey brigades this year though. >:(- Normally, we head down to the high school afterwards where the township has free kiddie rides, face painting, a car show, pet show, and different organizations selling food and crafts. But the sky was starting to spit a bit and none of the kids were too interested- they're all too old for the kiddie rides. Besides, I had to pee REALLY bad and I would rather piss my knickers than use a Port-A-Potty *shudder*, so we zipped back home. If it had cleared up, we probably would have gone back for the car show because my husband has a restored 1969 GTO that he OBSESSES over. Good thing we saw the fireworks last night though, because we're supposed to get severe thunderstorms tonight. So we'll probably wave a few sparklers around and be done with it.

Anyway, that was my Old Fashioned Americana Independence Day. Yeah, it's corny, but there's just some traditions that I hope will live on forever.

Hmmm... I wonder how one gets on the township hiring committee. I think I might be able to make next year's parade a wee bit more enjoyable...


Chantal said...

Ohhh, A GENTLEMAN'S WAGER sounds good. I just read the excerpt on the authors webpage.
Do you know if it's available anywhere in ebook? I checked fictionwise and ebookwise, but was not able to find it.

QB said...

Chantal, I just posted your question over on Madelynne's blog. Assuming she hasn't decided I'm a creepy stalker, she will hopefully have that answer. Since I know that some others are waiting for it to be reissued in print, I asked her about that too. Fortunately, Black Lace regularly does reissues or you could always buy a used copy from Amazon.

Zeek said...

Okay. Good enough for me to add A Gentleman's Wager to my amazon wishlist!!! Done.

QB said...

Madelynne just posted some Good news/Bad news about the reissue of A Gentleman's Agreement. Since the reissue won't be until Feb. (UK) or April (USA), your only choices are to buy a used copy (there are some on Amazon, but I haven't checked anywhere else) or the downloadable audio book from Audible. This book IS worth any time, trouble, or wait to get it.

QB said...

Zeek, Chantal (and anyone else out there)- if you DO get it and read it, please let me know what you thought of it.

Madelynne Ellis said...

And let me know too :-)

Portia Da Costa said...

It's a bloody good book! Worth the wait for a lovely new reprint... and the covers we get nowadays are far superior to the ones we used to get.

But the audio downloads are fun too... Haven't listened to mine yet. :)


aka Portia Da Costa
also of Black Lace

QB said...

Okay, let me just get this out of my system first... *FANGIRL SQUEE*

There ya go, grasshoppers, you've been given your homework assignments from both Madelynne and me. Sometime before the release of Phantasmagoria, you are to listen to and/or read A Gentleman's Wager and report back to us. Got it? :D

And Portia? I didn't realize you were now releasing through Phaze! I guess I need to go spend some time over there.

For those of you that don't already know, Portia's book, Continuum, is a Black Lace classic. A woman's Alice in Wonderland-like erotic journey. I don't read much BDSM because I don't like how many authors dehumanize the subs, but that's seldom true with the Black Lace authors. And I can tell you that Continuum will stay in your head (and other parts) LONG after you finish reading. I'm talking a serious danger from dehydration here, okay?

Continuum is not available over at yet, but Entertaining Mr. Stone is. I haven't read that one, but you can bet that I will soon be listening to it!

Chantal said...

LOL, I'll try to hunt it down, and then pst a review for you. Thanks :)

Portia Da Costa said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed Continuum! It was a fun book to write... :)

Hope you enjoy listening to Entertaining Mr Stone. I still haven't listened to it... I want to stay focused on my WIP, and if I listen to EMS I'll get confused! LOL

QB said...

Oh yeah, it's been quite a while since I read Continuum, yet the scenes STILL have a habit of popping up in my head!

My TBLT (to be listened to) list is growing exponentially! I try to save my audio books for when I'm doing work that I can do on autopilot, but I'm not sure I'll be able to hold out for that anymore. There's FINALLY too many good audio books being released!

Portia Da Costa said...

I think another of my books is due to be done in audio, but I don't know which one th PTB have selected. The authors are always the last to know! LOL