Saturday, July 7, 2007

Not Going to Nationals Cyber Conference

"Not going to Nationals? Don't worry...Romance Divas is doing the next best thing!

Romance Divas announces the first annual "Not Going to Nationals Cyber Conference" from July 11-15, righton the forum. Best of all, it's FREE!

Just register for Romance Divas--membership is free, you just need to sign up! [QB: here's the direct link to the diva forums] if you have trouble with registration email night.diva.maria (at) gmail (dot) com

There will be workshops, Q&As, and giveaways each day. All you have to do is participate!!!!


July 11:
Workshop: PC Cast and Kristin Cast (topic TBA)
Q&A: Erotic romance with Portia da Costa and Madelynne Ellis

July 12:
Workshop: Book Signing 101: Tips to Help Make your Signing a Success by Jackie Kessler
Q&A: Legal Issues for Writers by Amanda Brice

July 13:
Workshop: What to Expect After You Sign the Contract by Marley Gibson
Q&A: TBA (either with an agent from the Larsen-Pomada Agency or a panel on multi-cultural romance)

July 14:
Workshop: Sasha White (topic TBA)
Q&A: How To Write Both YA and Adult Romance by Berta Platas

July 15:
Workshop: Trim That Fatty Writing! by Rhonda Stapleton
Q&A: TBA (either with an agent from the Larsen-Pomada Agency or a panel on multi-cultural romance)

We also have loads of great giveaways, including books, critiques, coaching, and more!"

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

This sounds pretty interesting. If you are not already a member, be sure to NOT wait until the last minute to sign up. If I remember correctly, you'll get an email verifying your membership, but then you have to wait for a second email giving you the okay before you can post or personalize. I've never actually posted over there though, only because it's very much a forum for writers, but I've mentioned before that I find the writing process and business fascinating.

BTW, click on the comments section for this post I made a couple of days ago. Now check out the names of the authors hosting the erotic writing workshop on Wednesday, the 11th. Look familiar? And these two gifted writers can also be found on the group author blog, Lust Bites. My jaw has dropped on more than one occasion after I've popped in to see what that bevy of Bawdy Brits are up to over there! And if MY jaw dropped, you KNOW it was good! So I'm guessing you can expect a no-holds barred workshop Wednesday. If there's questions you've always wanted to ask about writing certain aspects of erotic scenes, these two will give you the straight (or maybe not so straight, if you write M/M) answers.

(and now I'd better quit dipping into the Chocolate Fondue and get back to work)


LissaNY said...

I checked out Lust Bites for a second...I can't wait to REALLY check it out once my parents leave tomorrow! BTW, I got another one hooked on Merry Gentry. Her DH says he feels like he is living with a teenager, what with the headphones all the time and the "fun" that results from listening to the adventures of Merry and her Men. *grin*

QB said...

LOL! I never know WHAT they'll be discussing on Lust Bites next!

And wait till you pick up a few of the Black Lace titles on audio! Your earphones are gonna melt!

The first of Karen Marie Moning's Highlander series releases in audio format this month, too. Since some of the Highlander characters are rumored to appear in the Fever series, the audio releases are a good excuse to re-"read" that series.

Ann Aguirre said...

I'm going to National!

I bought this dress to wear to the Rita awards. But in a different color. Mine is more of a deep plum, overlaid with purple.

QB said...

OOOHHHHH, yeah, Annie's getting her sexy on! I think that, with those colors, that's going to look freakin' HOT! And I don't think anyone will be mistaking you for a 12 year old, either.

BTW, Miss "I'm going to National", there better be some pic posting when you get back!

Portia Da Costa said...

Madelynne and I are on Friday now! :)

QB said...

AHA! That would explain why I couldn't find you yesterday!