Thursday, July 26, 2007

Home Safe and Sound

We're back, beat, and broke.

Tuesday was a complete bust. We couldn't win shit even though we played all our favorite slot games, so we called it an early night.

Wednesday morning, same thing. We decided to take a break and walked over to the American side of Niagara Falls. Wandered around in the park a bit, walked back to the casino, then went back to our room, watched TV and slugged out for awhile.

Wednesday evening we went back downstairs to the casino fully expecting to blow the rest of our cash. We even hit the ATM for another $500 just so we could continue playing. But wonders of wonders- we actually ended the night with money left over! And we found some new favorite slot games. I found a Magic Bonus Penguin slot and totally bonded with the little waddler! Tim discovered that he now likes TV games shows. Wheel of Fortune crapped out on us this time, but he did VERY well with the Jeopardy and Price is Right slots.

We got up this morning and, after checking out and leaving our bags with the bellhops, we decided to play some more. We didn't do bad, not great, but we DID have money left over. Which we blew by stopping at the new casino in Erie, PA on the way home. Well, we've not been to that one yet and were curious. That's a legit reason, right?

As soon as we walked in the door at home, what little we had was spoken for immediately. "Mom, I need money for..."



Ann Aguirre said...

Welcome back! You were certainly missed.

It looks like I'm going to RT next year, and I'll even have a book to sign. I'll buy you dinner, okay? If you can fit me in. :)

QB said...

Buy me dinner?! I take it you've never been to an Rt Con, have you?!

Even if you only attend half the events you want to, you STILL won't have time to sleep, let alone eat! Unless it's the rubber food served at luncheons and balls. Of course that is assuming you even find a seat. The Daytona Hilton's food was, for the most part, inedible. But by that point we were so hungry we ate it anyway.

Ann Aguirre said...

Nope, this will be my first one. And now I'm scared!

QB said...

It's crazy, fun, chaotic, and freakin' EXHAUSTING! Trust me when I tell you that RT Con is SOOOO not RWA Nationals! And it really is completely impossible to go to everything that you want to go to!

You are already ahead of the game a little. You've already got the "business casual" clothes from Nationals. And because you are a published author, you will probably get a seat at one of the MANY "reserved" tables- which are the reason us peons don't have enough seats.

So, all you have to concentrate on is what you will wear to the nightly balls and parties and which panels and get-togethers you will label as "can't miss"!